About the author

Oksana Yarmolnik is a famous scene-artist and designer. She creates interiors and costumes and also writes books.

She majored in applied Arts of Moscow Textile University. From 1983 to 1985 she was employed by the All-Union Board of Circus Arts in the position of an art director. Since 1985 she worked as a costume designer with such scene designers and stage directors as A. Borovsky, D. Borovsky, B. Messerer. O. Tabakov, V. Fokin.

But her greatest passion is creating toys.

In 2001 Oksana launched out a production of uniquely designed soft toys.

Unconventional, interesting and very positive — they appeal to both children and adults. Needless to say that the adults enjoy them most!

Small editions of over three hundred of various models are currently being produced, and every so often some new amusing characters are invented.

In actual fact all these toys can be called interior-purposed — they will brighten up room. Many of our customers are gathering whole set of the collections.

All our toys are hand sewn and are made only of natural fibers. Made in Russia.